Friday, April 25, 2014

Biarritz Beachcombing

I've done a ton of beach combing in the last few years and by far the best beach combing day I've ever had was a couple of weeks ago at the Cรดte des Basques in Biarritz, France. It was one of our first weekends here, and Brent wanted to surf - the waves were so massive that he wouldn't even let me paddle out, but luckily the tide was low and it was perfect beach combing conditions, so I did that instead. The guys only lasted about an hour in the water (apparently it was freezing so I wasn't missing out on too much fun), and in that hour I found everything in the photo above... it was unbelievable. This photo doesn't do the size of these pieces justice, but the sea glass chunks in the bottom right corner are almost 2 inches in length, to give you an idea (some of the biggest sea glass chunks I've ever found). I found TWO teeth (maybe shark? upper left center of the photo), my FIRST ever patterned piece of sea pottery (I follow a few other beachcombers on instagram who seem to find sea pottery by the pound almost everyday, but until last week I had never had the pleasure), all of these different patterns on terra cotta tile pieces (in addition to a huge chunk with French type on it that I'm not showing here), and all these beautiful shades of blue/green glass. And if all that wasn't already awesome enough, a plastic dude on a bike appeared. I was in heaven. I can only hope that all my beachcombing adventures in Europe turn out this good!

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  1. just found your blog today - have to tell you I love your photos! Its a very peaceful blog home you've created - love!