Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spring Wishlist

March is my birthday month, and usually about the time I do some spring cleaning and have my eye on some cute new things to freshen up my house/closet/life, and my birthday is always a good excuse! These are a few things I've had my eye on lately:

1. Design is a Job, a book recommended to be my a good design friend - amazon hookin' it up!
2. Copper business card holder - gettin' my networking on these days - from here
3. White + Neon Coral + Birds (I know, right?!) bedspread from Anthro
4. The perfect summer clutch, simple and casual - get it here
5. To replace my broken Anthro wedges, these would go with everything! (size 8) Shoemint
6. Brent - I've bought you 3 surfboards :) 6'0
7. Another year older, so definitely need this (to go with that board) here's some

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