Monday, April 30, 2012

summer wishlist + inspirations

Just a few things I've had my eye on and been inspired by lately. Getting excited for the summer months!
1. QSW Lighthouse Jeans - LOVE THESE! 
2. ZARA - my true love... Wooden Wedge Shoes
3. I'm obsessed with this Asos Envelope clutch!
4. I would love a new board for summer, especially THIS ONE!
5. Betsy Johnson Skull Ring found on Pinterest
6. Love this Austin Dream Blouse from QSW
7. I just joined the iphone club for the first time so I'm in search of the perfect case. This one is cute!
8. Feeling really inspired by Thomas Campbell lately. Check out his stuff!
9. I discovered this line of teas in a coffee shop during a recent trip. I LOVE the packaging and the benefits!

1 comment:

  1. I have that iphone case in pink and I love it! That llama/alpaca bag is awesome too!