Tuesday, February 7, 2012

sunday at churches

It was the most amazing day, fun waves, and Brent got to try out his new board. Can all weekends be like this?


  1. Made a blog, lol disregard the last comment, please!

    Hi! This is a really out there & kinda random question but i love the going away "New York" invitations you did for your friend! I'm leaving to new york in about a month or so and i'm having a going away party.. after seeing your invites i can't find any other one i want haha. If you wouldn't mind maybe you can make a few for me or i can do em myself if you have a template or something i can buy from you. anyway, just let me know if you can asap and i'll provide you with my email or something so we can chat about it!

    thank you!

    this is where i saw it at: http://haileyjamar.blogspot.com/

    1. Hi - glad you liked the invites! Yes, let's chat about it, email me at rlkudela@gmail.com