Tuesday, June 14, 2011

CDM // 5

One really great thing about living in CDM is that PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) is pretty much a straight shot to work. When time allows, one of my favorite things to do before work every morning is to get a coffee and cruise along the beach, checking out the surf - such a calming way to start the day. There is a McDonald's along the way, and I love to stop and get a McCafe mocha... I am generally not one to go to McDonalds EVER, but after a trip to Europe with my best friend Ashley, where we discovered McCafe on a tight budget, I've just seen those two yellow arches in a different light (the one euro cappuccinos in Milan were basically the best thing that could have happened to us at the time). Although here it's a little different, and the mochas aren't served in big glass mugs with Italian croissants filled with chocolate, getting one of these brings back so many great memories. This morning routine is just one of the small things I will miss...

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  1. McCafe made us SO happy in Milan! One of the best memories I have...one euro?...Yep....I'll take two!