Monday, March 7, 2011

vintage photobooth

I love these old photo booth pictures of my Grandma Lynn and Grandpa Ken. They are SO young in these shots! It's crazy to see photos of them when they were my age (or probably even younger). I wish my grandma still had that striped shirt she is wearing in some of those pictures - super cute - something I would rock today if she still had it in her closet!


  1. Becca, these are amazing! I've never seen these before, did you get them from your mom or grandma?

  2. Wow-wee...boy, your grandfather was a H-U-N-K! You knew that he and his brother were gymnasts?? Yep, they were gymnasts in high school and very much sought after by all the girls...LOL.

    And grandma Lynn sure was a beauty in her day..I've never seen these photos..thanks for posting. And you're right, that striped shirt is really interesting..

    (Since I had to choose "anonymous" in my comments..this is from Susan...your mom's cousin.

  3. Cool, huh? Grandma Lynn had them - she let me borrow a bunch of old pics I wanted to scan in!

  4. Hi Becca,

    I'm wondering if I could use these gorgeous photos of your Grandparents in a piece of art?

    Could you get back to me at