Monday, August 2, 2010


"Yosemite Falls", view from a meadow behind the Ahwahnee hotel*.

*I've been spending wayyyy too much time behind a computer screen these past few months, and NOT enough time with pen in hand, being creative beyond what my job requires of me. So I've created a challenge for myself that involves 31 sketches in 31 days, for the entire month of August. With my busy schedule this may be a lot to take on, but I'm determined, that no matter what, I will draw, SOMETHING, ANYTHING. I'm taking my sketchbook with me EVERYWHERE and I'm going to put pen to paper AT LEAST once a day. I'm out of practice and need to start looking at the world a little differently than through the eyes of the web, so this will help me with that. I need to spend more time actually making design rather than looking at it. I'll be posting my progress on this blog, to help with the motivation.
So here it goes, day 1, which I was lucky enough to be able to spend in beautiful Yosemite... (I may not post a sketch every single day, as I may not be infront of a computer everyday, if all goes to plan, but there WILL be 31 by the end of the month - fingers crossed).

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