Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dear & Yonder

This is kinda a crazy story (or so I think...), but the 3 photos of the surfboard are images I came across randomly on the internet when I was doing research for a surfboard design I was working on over a year ago, for a design contest Roxy was having. (Click here check out my design) I found the pictures of this board and LOVED it and was very inspired...

My design ended up being chosen by ROXY, and I now work there (which is crazy enough in itself, and I will save that story for another day)... But, randomly, I had to do a bunch of promotions, emails, web graphics, etc, for a surf film Roxy sponsored, called Dear & Yonder (see first image for an example).

I went to see the film for the first time, and was beyond excited to discover that THIS SURFBOARD, THE surfboard, that I love and have stared at pictures of for years, was IN the movie! (See photo of surfer Kassia Meador standing by the board - that's from the movie).

It really is SUCH a small world. Moral of the story, go see Dear & Yonder, and get inspired - by this awesome board AND these hardcore women.

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